Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Keep Moving Forward"

I was recently reminded of Disney's "Meet the Robinsons" after hearing Rob Thomas's "Little Wonders" (great song by the way) played in the hotel's gym. Hollywood doesn't make enough movies about entrepreneurship let alone inspirational ones. If he were alive today, I believe Walt Disney, one of America's greatest entrepreneurs, would have very much approved.

Truth be told, I don't really like calling myself an entrepreneur as it seems to have a sort of transient type connotation to it (though perhaps those who know me well might think this is why the description might be apt). Entrepreneurship isn't celebrated nearly as much as it should be.

Working for yourself and building something from scratch takes a lot of discipline but most of all I think it takes a near inhuman amount of persistence and to be unafraid of failure. I suspect like many forms of leadership, do it long enough and it can be lonely without the ability to talk to people you think can relate to you and you can trust. I don't doubt that there are many entrepreneurs out there who are building businesses that have little to no chance of real viability. I do suspect however, that most successful entrepreneurs would also tell you that part of the trick is believing in yourself and sticking it out long enough for luck to pay off - whether it be having the opportunities to present your ideas to the right connections or clients to developing the idea that finally catches fire. Until that time you have to find a way to let the optimism vanquish the doubts along the way. This movie illustrated this perfectly.

Keep moving forward!

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