Friday, December 07, 2007

Long Hiatus. Fresh Start.

Ok. Now that I have gotten rid of what few readers I had, I am back. In the journey to figuring what what's important to me, I have determined that scratching that annoying itch to blog is one of them. I am going to try to keep posts simple and focused on one thought at a time - but I aim to reduce my political rants further though I cannot imagine I will be able to entirely resist. I do think as well that I have figured out what I want to focus on: building a business where a large part of what we do happens to be in China.

Like the now somewhat arcane term 'e-business', I believe the novelty of doing business in China will wear off (if it has not already) into simply a part of doing business. The topics I hope to primarily cover include recruiting/hr, productivity, and legal/tax/regulatory issues with a few random thoughts mixed in.

I do have a few ideas for coming posts including a trip to recruit interns near Wuhan (hiring 11), sniffing around a small potential acquisition and my introduction to the byzantine Chinese legal system, and my journey to "getting things done" having been recently introduced to it by a friend in China.

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