Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(Draft) Book Summary - Getting Things Done (GTD)

Am bumping along in my journey of getting my "in" to "empty", I figure I'd post a draft of my summary notes of the book (downloadable from Scribd). I'm going to try to write book summaries from time to time in an attempt to cement what I've learned/am learning. It sort of goes hand in hand with my attempt to read books (which is tough when you have a soul crushing amount of work to get done). Nevertheless, here's the first.

By way of recap, Getting Things Done by David Allen is a group of productivity techniques with the primary objective of reducing the clutter in your mind so that you can focus all your creative energies on one task at a time. I'm pleased to say that I'm finding that it works - or at least working for me, but we'll see if I keep at it. I even picked up the book that was translated into Chinese for my colleagues in China.

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