Monday, December 10, 2007

Mysteries of Travel

I'm waiting to board a flight that's 1.5 hours late. On the way in, I invariably always stop at the local relay/book store to pick up some reading material on the transpacific flight. While I'll grant you that reading business rags can almost be like porn to me, there are two sets of questions that I have to be asked:

  • Who buys porn on the airport? And why at the airport? Does this mean I should be even more concerned about the cleanliness factor in the bathrooms? (it's quite the long flight after all)
  • Why do airline lounges insist on serving foods that cause flatulence?

1 comment:

Vonnie said...

Clem, I used to think your blog was too high brow for one of my lowly brain power and education. Happy to find out that I may be able to relate after all! =D