Friday, May 03, 2013

The people who supposedly represent us...

I get that there are many in the media - and NBC specifically, who have an ideological bias - but to so blatantly overlook the brutal totalitarian past that May 1 celebrates is bizarre (Wikipedia) especially as they seem to go out of their way to look for bigotry (ESPN). There are few words... (Mediaite):

While covering a May Day rally in Manhattan’s Union Square on Wednesday, NBC New York reporter Ida Siegal was cornered and asked if her network planned to show the communist imagery the protesters were displaying. Hilarity ensued when Siegal immediately became defensive, denying she had seen any communist imagery and asking of the “Hammer-and-Sickle” flags: “What do they represent?”

“You guys are with channel 4 news,” the videographer noted while addressing Siegal and her production team. “Are you guys going to show any of the people with Hammer and Sickle flags?”

“I haven’t seen any of those flags,” Siegal replied amid the din of the ongoing protests activity. “What do they represent?”

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