Friday, May 03, 2013

"Overnight Success"

The iOS app Mailbox has gone from zero users to over a million and managing over a hundred million emails a day in just over six weeks (Mashable). As a founder points out, this took years - a good and inspirational reminder that success is rarely a sprint, but more of a marathon (TechCrunch):

“Mailbox is really version 2 of Orchestra, a shared to-do list that we put in the app store in the fall of 2011,” Underwood told me. “Inside the company we were in an endless cycle of prototyping and releases that eventually evolved into Mailbox.”

The road to Mailbox, he said, came as the startup realized that the idea of the to-do list was fundamentally broken. Instead of helping users to organize tasks, they inevitably became a nagging reminder of things people hadn’t yet accomplished. “Everybody fills up to-do lists with things to do, and that’s a great moment because you’re getting your life organized,” he said. “The more people use them, the more they get full of stuff that never gets done.”

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