Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I must be Pregnant and a few Non Sequiturs

...well, in an immaculate conception sort of way - I got back last night from China last night (which also reminded me why United Airlines is to be avoided at all costs). I woke up this morning at 5 am to catch up on the gazillion emails and blog posts and then had 3 runny eggs, pickles, craisins, and cashews and thought it was delicious.

This last trip was a bit of a sad one as I returned, at the beginning of the month, for the funeral of one of the last surviving uncle in HK (most of my relatives have moved to Canada) and had gotten to know him a lot better over the past several years. He died rather unexpectedly of a heart attack at home. It was a bit surreal never having been at a funeral on that side of the world before with such things as an open casket funeral a month after the death, dealing with a shortage in burial spaces for ashes (Time), and the difficulty in booking appropriate cremation times. The funeral itself however, was very well attended. He was a bon-vivant, loving great food, the company of friends and family and he will be deeply missed.

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