Friday, February 20, 2009

Them's fighting words...

Echoes from the past that ring true today as much as they did then. Milton Friedman's reminder: the true liberals who strive for change are not what we today call "Liberals" - but the economic "conservatives" of the world. The original state is one of government control. Economic conservatives may have lost the war of words but the war of ideas is not only being fought but won within the context of time.

Economic liberty is not only morally right, but it's the only alternative if we seek an end to absolute poverty. Hearing the economic ignorance of politicians butchering the case for free markets who supposedly represent the "right" is depressing. It's refreshing to listen to those like Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman who continue to possess a moral clarity, eloquence and consistency of purpose that is missing today.

Milton Friedman on the moral imperative of economic freedom and why our friends of the left consistently end up hurting those they they want to help:

Reagan paraphrased: There is one way to guarantee peace - "and that's surrender." (h/t Club for Growth)

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