Monday, January 05, 2009


Arrived in Dubai. Youtube is blocked (actually, I've found quite a few sites are blocked including typepad). State censorship is stupid - it's quite true what they say, you don't realize the types of liberties you have until they're taken away. That said, I would have thought that Dubai was more liberal about these things.

Went to that luxury hotel that was designed to look like a sail (Burj Al Arab). Had "tea" for 6.5 hours. Saw David Hasselhoff with some billionaire sheik (though I wonder if he has held on to them billions). It's apparently high season right now and we were told by our server that the hotel should be full right now but the Al Arab apparently is at 82% occupancy and dropping. Have also heard that there are a number of buildings were they have just stopped construction and the economy in Dubai is really hurting (WSJ).

Came back to the hotel, discussed in detail how to save the world. Decided it wouldn't be at the Burj Al Arab. And probably wouldn't involve Hasselhoff.

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