Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year's (from Bahrain)

Despite what's been happening in the business (though is there really any truly "convenient" time?), I've spent the last few days in Bahrain on my first vacation. I've sort of crashed an Indian wedding of sorts with a good friend from university and we're spending a few days in Dubai and Amman, Jordan.

A couple pics at the New Year's Eve house party we joined a few hours after landing (I've chosen a blurr pics to protect the "guilty"):

It turns out we were at an illegal houseparty as the King declared that celebrations were off in sympathy with the Palestinian cause. Shortly after these pictures were taken (a little after midnight) a few Arab youths (aka mob) had gathered and thrown stones at the party and we were told by the hosts to quickly get inside from the courtyard in the back and turn off the music and lights. Unfortunately, I confess I didn't get to hear or see much beyond the initial panicked looks and frantic shuffling inside.

A few tidbits I found noteworthy:

  • One of the guests at the wedding had brought Midnight's Children (Amazon) with her from India and was told by the customs officer that she should put it away, and that the author was a "really bad man" and he would shoot him.
  • We travelled to the center of the bridge that connects Saudi Arabia's Damom city with Bahrain. As the father of the bride pointed out, what he finds most amusing is that despite Saudi Arabia's heavy anti-American tendencies (but I thought they were America's friends?), the first thing you notice is what I'd call the beautiful golden arches (I'll post a picture in the next few days)
  • Tawny Port (Wikipedia) is not a light wine.
  • In deference to my parental units, I am avoiding talking about politics for my own good :).
I should also note that given I don't really know how available the Internet will be during my stay here, posting could be quite light. As far as interesting goes, though I've only been here now for two days, this trip has definitely more than lived up to expectations. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.

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