Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool Tech News

Hmmm I've just passed 501 posts of what barely passes for verbal diarrhea. Anyway, I found these tech tidbits interesting:

  • A "technical advance" to "growing blood" (LAT). Cool but kind of freaky and makes me think of that scene of Carrie at the prom for some reason. For some reason I've had an odd fascination with synthetic blood... probably because I used to follow a synthetic blood company way back when. update: a lot more information here (New Scientist)

  • Nanobatteries made using viruses (Crunchgear). "I don’t know what’s cooler, that I could coat everything I have in micron-thin battery film, or the fact that these guys are using viruses to do the dirty work." Yeah, what he said.

  • Brewing cellulostic ethanol with the same enzyme used to make sake (Autobloggreen). Just a reminder that the days of high energy prices are numbered and it would truly be idiotic for governments to try to decide what the "winning" technology will be.

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