Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clearing the Tabs, Link Dumping

A few cool links. I haven't done this in a while and now my tabs are bogging down my memory, so here goes:

  • [Humor] I love a good rant and it doesn't get much better than this - as pulled from the original post by Instapundit - "It takes a special kind of person to get pissed off watching the Home and Garden channel, and I am just that special person:" Mamas, don’t let your sons watch HGTV. They’ll never get married. (Rachel Lucas). Additional relationship advice here: "Why you should never be a startup girlfriend" (Stephanie Finch)
  • [Productivity] Apparently Silicon Valley is hopped up on Provigil. I confess that its benefits seem appealing (TechCrunch): "the main effect of Provigil is to keep you awake and able to concentrate, a lot of people who get their hands on it use it to be able to work longer hours, even though it has not been deemed safe for that kind of use [...] there are few side effects to Provigil compared to stimulants and it is supposedly not habit forming."
  • [Productivity] Given how much I love food, I am having problems wrapping my head around this but apparently hunger can make you happy (Live Science).
  • [Productivity] "Sleeping on it" does, in fact, work (Guardian).
  • [Economics] Apparently economics can teach you about love according to Ben Stein in the New York Times. Does that mean that there's hope for me yet?
  • [Development/Economics] Globally the middle class has been "exploding" in a report from Goldman Sachs no less! Of course this has lots of implications for entrepreneurs and businesses. via Adam Smith Institute Blog

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