Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As Much Fun as Heatstroke

I did hot yoga this evening in a 90 minute session and it was not a pleasant experience. I would have had more fun driving to (and from) Toronto during rush hour (particularly since I skipped a dinner with friends because of this). I told my personal trainer, who happens to be the wife to a business partner, afterward, when asked how I "enjoyed" it, that I could at least say I've tried it once.

She responded that I should try it at least 3 times clearly attempting to move the original bar. I'm afraid of her but I'm trying to decide at this point how afraid. On the other hand, she will be joining my business partner and I, and their kids, for a "massive concoction" (my terms) at DQ as we just won two deals for our new venture.

Anyway, just thought I would just say that I found hot yoga about as fun as heat stroke if not more so not to mention that it consumed 90 minutes of time I will never get back. There is one (stress on one) positive note - and that's there are so many hot women there (dressed quite scantily) to a ratio of only a couple of guys.

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