Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Data Points on Nanosolar

I'm back in Canada so can start blogging a bit easier again. An update on Nanosolar from VentureBeat:

What Nanosolar has now, it says, is a $1.65 million printing tool that can churn out one gigawatt of cells each year, running out up to 2000 feet of material each minute (the average speed is 100 feet per minute). Rather than stuttering as it speeds up, Rosencheisen says the printer is more effective at higher speeds, producing cells of up to 14 percent efficiency
Pretty cool and potentially extraordinarily disruptive. If this is really is as cost effective as they say, developing countries like China can leapfrog "dirty tech" with the incremental cost of production pretty darn close to zero - or whatever it costs to maintain the grid.

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