Friday, June 20, 2008

Chinese Olympics: Nothing to See here...

Wow, the visa issues are becoming just brutal. I don't want to be anywhere near them this August but I'm considering going to a friend's wedding nearby but this could be problematic:

Recently in many housing estates entrance there will be immigration officers inspecting every foreign nationals. If you applied or extended a visa in our company before,you need to know the following points so that to avoid some troubles.

Immigration officials will ask you some questions:
Where did you get your visa?
How did you get the visa?
Now are you working or touring in Shanghai?
Have you processed the temporary living certificate?

Before you answer their questions,you need to check the place of issue now.
Of course the good news is that at least the firm that issued the bulletin thinks that these controls are temporary (though some believe that things will not be as easy as before): "The government of China will implement new policy on July 1st,2008 and then all the foreign nationals need to apply or extend the L-visa or F-visa outside China(not enclude Z-visa). And after the Olympics(about OCT.17),the government will begin to make a relaxation of the policy to foreign."

This makes me wonder as well though given that I've heard that getting tourist visas is no easy task either, how many foreigners will actually be able to stick around for the Chinese Olympics... and if that's not the point, that certainly seems like it will be the effect.

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