Monday, February 22, 2016

The biggest threats to Western Civilization don't exist outside its borders...

Juxtaposition - "Why the West is Irresistible" (NationalPost):

It’s easy to laugh at the news that the Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant (ISIL) is so short of money that it has stopped giving its fighters free energy drinks and Snickers bars. Har, har, har. But it’s also profoundly important. [...]

This bitter, theologically obtuse concession to fiscal reality underlines the same insurmountable contradiction within Islamism generally as the free energy drinks, Snickers bars and jihadi Twitter accounts. These radical movements hate the West, not because of our policies or even our consumerism, but because our vertiginously dynamic creativity and cultural turmoil, the wellspring of our prosperity and power, is irresistible psychologically and practically.
Read the whole thing. On the other hand, "Ivy League crybullies vs. survivor of a Soviet labor camp; guess who needs ’emotional support’?" (WashingtonPost). As Reason points out, nevermind the tuition that costs $60k a year, "it's exhausting work, being offended all the time."

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