Saturday, October 03, 2015

This isn't going to end the way they think it will...

Obama Administration seeks to regulate temp agencies out of existence (DailyCaller):

The joint-employer standard has been around for decades. It normally helps to establish which company has responsibility over employees when multiple companies contract with one another. If one company is found to assert enough control over the employees of a company with which it holds a contract, the two companies will both be considered employers over the employees.

The NLRB has been trying to expand upon the standard. Critics like the International Franchise Association have argued the rule change is an attempt to benefit unions. This is because it’s much easier to unionize one large joint-employer as opposed to many separate employers that just so happen to contract with one another.

“For manufacturers, this case is yet another example of the NLRB changing well-established and functioning labor laws,” Amanda Wood, director of human resources for the National Association of Manufacturers, told the Washington Examiner. “Without a justifiable and sufficient change in circumstance and in how the business community operates.”

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