Thursday, October 08, 2015

"Not a victim"

Her story makes talk of microaggressions and "triggers" seem absurd. The story of one 16 year old girl's escape from North Korea (

"I watched the movie Titanic and I was shocked. Like, how could this kind of ridiculous film exist? I'd never seen people dying for love, except dying for the regime and the party."

When Yeonmi was thirteen, she and her mother escaped into China, where they were kidnapped and sold into slavery: "Chinese government, if they catch us, will sell us back to North Korea, so we are very vulnerable in China. Chinese people, they know that."

Sex traffickers took advantage of that vulnerability. "That's what happened to both of us, my mother and me." At the time, she didn't know what sex was. "I didn't even know what kissing was."
Read the whole thing.

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