Friday, July 24, 2015

"Data Justice" warrior's hate-on for Uber and self-driving cars gets ridiculed

A succinct rebuttal to a ridiculous post in the Huffington Post (PJMedia via Instapundit):

Modern progressivism keeps its adherents riveted to the narrative by hypnotizing them with two simple, all-encompassing mantras: spend more on education and spend more on infrastructure. These are the perfect arguments for non-thinking puppets to make, largely because both are evergreen (there’s never enough spending, according to them) and involve polysyllabic catch words that make the puppets feel as if they have functioning intellects.

That’s how you get to the a place where you find the city bus more innovative than Silicon Valley.
Ed Driscoll asks at Instapundit: "shouldn’t the Huffington Post “data justice” director want to ban air-conditioned electrically-intensive server farms first? Or at least set an example to the world by demanding your own Website voluntarily going offline?"

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