Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm betting on technology, American entrepreneurs and human ingenuity

I suspect that the WSJ article even underestimates the value of technology here that will keep driving costs of production lower. If I'm right, the world of hurt couldn't be happening to nicer people... (WSJ)

Saudi Arabia is taking a risk by letting oil prices plunge, said Arab, American and European officials. Saudi officials have said their economy can survive at least two years with low prices, thanks partly to the kingdom’s $750 billion foreign-exchange reserves. Arab officials believe many less-efficient producers will be driven out of the market.

Still, some oil-industry executives said, Riyadh and Mr. Naimi may underestimate how technology and the shale-oil boom have fundamentally altered energy markets. Many U.S. companies, they said, can make money or break even with oil below $40.

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