Sunday, February 16, 2014

Burning out

Nope, it's not about me. I think there are a few solutions to this - a deep and strong sense of purpose, someone to balance you off, and other activities like CrossFit for release... but this is a "cautionary tale" (FourHourWorkWeek):

It’d be very easy for me to manufacture a villain in this story. I could tell you that I was pushed too hard, or that no one cared about how I felt. But that’s not the truth. I was the one who chose to stay up until 4:00AM. I was the one pouring caffeine down my throat four times a day. I was the one who secretly ordered brain pills. I was the one who isolated myself from friends and kept my feelings hidden. Everything I did that fueled my anxiety was my choice.

The truth is that all of my emotional issues would have unfolded for me at some point in my life, regardless of whom I was working with. I was the creator of my own anxiety, and I was the one who broke myself with my workaholic habits. I just didn’t recognize how destructive my behavior was because I thought it was normal.
Update - more on dealing with overwhelming amounts of work (FourHourWorkWeek).

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