Monday, December 23, 2013

A better approach to corporate Christmas giving

While it's sometimes funny how out of touch managers seem around Christmas... this is probably the best approach to take - even if your budget isn't zero (WSJ):

Oh, and don't complain to them that you're not getting anything either. You're making enough to live on. They have three roommates, one bathroom and nothing but beer, Chinese takeout and half a jar of capers in the fridge.

So what can you do if your budget is zero?

Unless you're the CEO, spring for some nice blank cards and write a personal note of appreciation to your employees. I said personal. To each of them.

Yeah, it'll take more than 10 minutes. But recognizing something they've accomplished will be appreciated more than you know.

Don't even think about getting your assistant to do it for you. They know your handwriting.

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