Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Towards better aid?

Real aid, starts with trade. Personally, I see this as just fiddling around the margins over what has been disastrous and expensive policymaking (DevEx via Chris Blattman):

Amid pressure to cut costs in an industry largely funded by public money, aid agencies are increasingly hard-pressed to make the case to shareholders, contributors and other constituents that business class travel for staff is worth the cost. It can also be difficult to rationalize the expense in a sector that commonly references mantras such as “value for money.”

The Obama administration, for instance, has publicly rebuked U.N. staff in New York and Geneva for recently spending nearly three-quarters of their air travel budget on business class fare.
(While they don't seem like they're in a position to speak from moral authority, at least you know you're doing something wrong when the Obama Administration is telling you, you're spending too much of other peoples' money on frivolous things...)

More here: "Fighting Poverty With Actual Evidence" (Freakonomics)

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