Sunday, September 08, 2013

Offshoring entrepreneurship

Awesome - but not sure $2800 a month qualifies as "cheap" (WalterRussellMead via Instapundit):

These are not just ordinary locations, but luxury residences in exotic locations with five-star amenities like onsite massage therapists, gourmet chefs and maid service. And the kicker? The claim they can do it for less than what it costs to have an average lifestyle in the United States. The all-in cost of staying in a Happy Hub per month is just $1,000 a week or $2,800 a month, this includes everything from accommodations to food and spa amenities and shuttle service to a popular surfing beach. The whole key to living the six-figure lifestyle without the six-figure pay check is that you must be ‘location-independent’ meaning that you work on the computer or over the phone.

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