Friday, August 02, 2013

Your Help Is Hurting: How Church Foreign Aid Programs Make Things Worse

Though to be fair, it's not a problem that's anywhere near restricted to Church based foreign aid programs (Forbes via Instapundit):

Within the nonprofit space, we’ve created a system where he/she who tells the best story is the one that’s rewarded. There’s an incentive to push down the stories that are not of positive impact. There’s the incentive to pretend that there are no negative things that happen, there’s the incentive to make sure that our failures are never made public, and there’s the disconnected between who’s paying for the service and who’s receiving the services. When you disconnect those two aspects, you do not have accountability that acts in the best interest of the people who are receiving what we are all trying to do, which is just to help in places of great need.
What's a bit sad is how long it takes for some people to come to this realization. Read the whole thing.

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