Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The problem of subsidizing not for profit work

As provided for by the US federal public service loan forgiveness program for college graduates, is thatit undervalues for profit work (Forbes):

The larger problem with the program—one that includes its provisions for non-profits as well as government—has to do with the concept of government seeking to influence the career choices of college graduates in the belief that some jobs do more than others to serve the public interest. Both the government and the non-profit sectors, after all, ultimately rely on the growth and prosperity of the private economy. As Carl Schramm, former head of the Kauffman Foundation, has long argued, entrepreneurs—from Steve Jobs to Sergei Brin and countless others—provide the hope for economic growth. But private sector employment of any kind is effectively made less attractive by the terms of federal student loan forgiveness program. That is not, to coin a phrase, what made America great.

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