Thursday, April 18, 2013

Morning Giggle - Ikea's "Time for Change"

Came across this ad watching Martin Durkin's Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary (Channel4) which unfortunately isn't viewable if it doesn't think you're in the UK.

The irony is how appropriate the ad is, given the thesis of how Thatcher democratized ownership with the UK the sale of council flats (Wikipedia), and the privatizations of British Steel, British Petroleum, British Airways, Rolls Royce and water/electricity utilities through the 80s.

As a side note, it defies imagination how there are some who now claim that the financial crisis of today was the result of Thatcher's audacity in believing that the poor should have the right to buy the homes they lived in. Anyway, rant over, watch Ikea's ad running in the UK for a giggle:

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