Friday, October 07, 2011

A tribute to Steve Jobs

Jim Bennett via Instapundit:

There are, fundamentally, two subspecies of entrepreneur. One starts from the present, and visualizes the next logical step from where things are now. This type figures out how to make something better, cheaper, or more widely available, and manages to clear the financial, regulatory, and market barriers to getting it into the marketplace. The other visualizes a different world, one in which things are different and better from the way they are now, and then figures out what path of evolution brings us to that world, and, as the last step, what is the least ambitious step possible that will move things toward that goal. 
Steve Jobs was one of the latter group, and one of the most successful of his time.
And "To Steven Jobs on His Thirtieth Birthday" on February 24th 1985 (via technologizer):

But also context: Why Jobs Is No Edison ( - nor was he perfect - here and here (Gawker and HN) - though a few observations seem a bit mean spirited.

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