Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh those Neo-colonialist Americans...

Some things can't be parodied (WSJ):

“Once we clearly understand the way this world is structured, we won’t be seduced by Gary Locke’s façade,” the Communist Party newspaper Guangming Daily said in an editorial last Friday titled “A Warning on the American Neo-Colonialism Gary Locke Brings” about the first Chinese-American to be named the U.S. envoy to China (in Chinese). “His Chinese-American identity means that he’s capable of attracting the attention and public support of Chinese people around the world, capable of developing an affinity with regular people in China. Who’s to say that isn’t the intention of the U.S., to use a Chinese to control the Chinese and incite political chaos in China?”
The response so far among Chinese Internet users: Bring it on. 
“To be honest, I’m looking forward to being colonized,” a user of China’s popular Sina Weibo microblogging service writing under the name Yan Lu’antong commented Tuesday. “We welcome this kind of ‘neo-colonialism’ with open arms!!!” added another user, Liu Xiaodong.
Mr. Locke has enjoyed popularity among Chinese Internet users ever since photos of him buying his own coffee at a Seattle Starbucks and carrying his own bags in the Beijing airport were posted online in mid-August. Almost immediately, the ambassador found himself being held up as a measuring stick against which Chinese officials, routinely pilloried for being imperious and prodigal, come up short. 

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