Sunday, September 04, 2011

More on the aid industry...

Let there be no doubt that it is in fact an industry. According to the President of Doctors without Borders (MSF), aid groups are misleading the public on Somalia (Guardian):

Charities needed to start treating the public "like adults". He went on: "There is a con, there is an unrealistic expectation being peddled that you give your £50 and suddenly those people are going to have food to eat. Well, no. We need that £50, yes; we will spend it with integrity. But people need to understand the reality of the challenges in delivering that aid. We don't have the right to hide it from people; we have a responsibility to engage the public with the truth."
Predictable response from other agencies: "Ian Bray, a spokesman for Oxfam, said it was unhelpful for aid agencies to be seen to be arguing with each other."

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