Monday, August 29, 2011

Building Pre-Fab Homes

Not sure what I love about production lines but here's a cool vid of how far building homes has come (and still makes up only a fraction of the market) - from Core77:

My buddy Julian works in construction, and for his first week on the job he and his crew were building two-story Motel 6's in New Jersey in the middle of a blizzard. Since he was the new guy, they threw him up on the roof alone with a shovel (and a lone rope tied around his waste as a safety measure) to clear the snow that was stacking up on the half-finished parts of the structure. It was an 8-hour day with nonstop snow. I asked him if that was his worst day on the job. "No," he laughed. "Just my first one."

While pre-fab construction is a merely neat idea for architects, designers and consumers, it must be amazing for the actual construction workers. Putting things together is still hard labor, but imagine being able to do it all indoors, in short-sleeved shirts, in a climate-controlled environment with perfect lighting and an actual plumbed bathroom

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