Sunday, June 05, 2011

Contrasts in courage

For those who may have not have seen the story of the 21-year old parliamentary page who, following the recent federal election where the Harper government achieved a majority government, decided to stand up with a sign that said "Stop Harper" and called for an "Arab Spring", a contrast in courage (Terry Glavin via SmallDeadAnimals):

Brigette DePape: The 21-year-old graduate from the University of Ottawa made headlines for holding up a protest sign that read 'Stop Harper' at the start of the Throne Speech: "This country needs a Canadian version of an Arab Spring." DePape has since received several job offers and is considering taking a position with the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Hamza Ali al-Khateeb: A 13-year-old Syrian boy who tagged along at an antigovernment protest in the town of Saida a few weeks ago, was arrested, was burned, beaten, lacerated and given electroshocks. His jaw and kneecaps were shattered. He was shot in both arms. When his father saw the state of Hamza’s body, he passed out.
Yes, because a Canadian Conservative government is exactly like the Syrian dictatorship. In a way I hope that DePaper gets hired by PSAC (a union) - as the precedent has been set - though by the very job offer I wonder if it has been set already and that in the coming years PSAC will get everything they deserve. Perhaps in a truly just world DePape would be exported to protest in a similar way in Syria though I don't think I would be so cruel.

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