Monday, April 04, 2011

In memory of Cody, a border collie with spunk

With all that's been happening in the world, it feels weird and a bit callous to eulogize a dog. He was born February 6th, 2009, and died April 1st, 2011, of the canine distemper virus. He was adorable. I feel I had the privileges of a grandparent - I got all the benefits when I was there of having Cody, but few of the responsibilities. To him, I may have just been the guy who would leave for months at a time and bring back treats. But I always had treats.

Our reunions were always a bit of an oddity. He'd pounce up and then jump up and down so I'd play along and jump up and down with him while he'd bark until people looked at me funny - which, rest assuredly, was not very long, but perhaps somewhat alarmingly, a little longer than one might expect. He will be missed.

(And no, he did not die because he was strangled, but this was definitely a happier moment captured in low res)


Steven said...

Rest in peace, Cody.

SB7 said...

I think there are few things more human or more important than eulogizing your dog.

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how that feels.

Thank you for sharing. I rarely felt as loved as I did when reunited with my dog. They are true and honest friends.

Jen ( said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Clement Wan said...

Thanks for your kind words. He will definitely be missed.