Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ezra Levant: Asking all the uncomfortable questions

I think it says a bit about priorities that Europeans would criticize Canadian oil sands while ignoring the... let's call them "issues", with Libyan oil. Their supposed concern for the environment ranks higher than that of people. Ezra Levant:For Europe, Alberta oil is too dirty. Isn’t Libyan oil too bloody? (Toronto Sun via Instapundit):

Europe buys 80% of Libya’s oil. Other than terrorism, that’s pretty much the only thing Libya exports. . . . None of this is news. It’s olds. It’s been going on for years. What’s new is last week, the very week when Gadhafi and his son told the world they’d fight democracy protesters to the last bullet, was the week the European Union chose to criticize Canada’s oilsands because — get this — they say we have 20 more grams of carbon dioxide per megajoule of oil than Libya does.

It’s true, it takes more energy to produce oil from Canada’s oilsands than from Libya’s desert because we have to steam it out of the sand.

European oil imports from Iraq and Nigeria have the same carbon footprint as our oilsands. Those countries burn off the natural gas that comes up when they pump oil — an illegal environmental practice in Canada. And oil from Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela has even higher carbon emissions.
Update: The Mead List - World's Top 10 Gaddhafi Toads: #1 UN Human Rights Commission, #2 UK's Gordon Brown and his Government, #3 Hugo Chavez, #4 Nicholas Sarkozy, #5 Tony Blair.

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