Friday, September 10, 2010

A Politician to Like...

From Roger Kimball (Pajamasmedia):
Christie didn’t “lambaste” teachers, he said, he lambasted the teacher’s union, especially its leaders. Why were so many teachers laid off in New Jersey? Because when the Governor called upon teachers to take one-year pay freeze and contribute 1.5% — one-and a half percent! — of their salaries to the cost of their health care (full-family medical, dental, and vision coverage, by the way), the union leaders said “No way. Not a penny.” Result: nearly a billion-dollar shortfall in the budget, which necessitated scads of lay offs. (Had Gov. Christie’s proposal been accepted, the state would have saved more than $700,000,000.) “So who’s really to blame?” he asked: the Governor or the intransigent teachers unions?

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