Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More on School Choice

via Fred Wilson - "I saw this film last night. It made me angry and upset. Go see it. It will be in the theaters on Sept 24th.":

It would seem that the movie has been getting a lot of press. More here (NYMag):
For decades, the conversation about our schools has been the preserve of the education Establishment—and the result has been a system that, with few exceptions, runs the gamut from mediocre to calamitous. Waiting for “Superman” is no manifesto. It offers no quick fixes, no easy to-do lists, no incandescent lightbulbs to unscrew. What it offers is a picture of our schools that isn’t pretty, but that we need to apprehend if we’re to summon the political will necessary to transform them. “Nobody ever wants to call a baby ugly,” says Duncan. “This is like calling the baby ugly. It’s about confronting brutal truths.”

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