Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Critical Thinking and Politics

I've been evaluating a new blog to add to my blog reader and I'm finding it more likeable more and more. It's called "The Thinker: Swimming Upstream in a Raging Current of Stupid" by Jeffrey Ellis. I like a recent post of his where he not only quotes Hayek but reconsiders his view on the intersection between libertarians and politics:

If politics were just a matter of egalitarianism versus Judeo-Christian traditionalism versus libertarianism, I would say that critical thinking has no judgments to offer. But in practice, this isn’t what politics ends up being about. In practice, it’s the big-government do-gooders versus the morality police versus the libertarians. And as Hayek’s words show, the libertarians are the only ones who seem to get the need for intellectual humility in government.

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