Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What Rule of Law?

Wow, this is shocking. For the record, I'm not generally a fan of Glenn Beck (or much of Fox News for that matter - though admittedly often it's a stylistic disagreement than a substantive one). Glenn Reynolds wonders if this the "worst on-air mauling ever" - and it's relevant because the man he interviews/batters is currently leading polls to replace the corrupt Senator Chris Dodd (who resigned this morning) in Connecticut (via Ed Driscoll):

I agree with Beck that it's frightening when those who are supposed to enforce the law so flagrantly abuse it to political ends. Perhaps worse still is the fact that the people of Connecticut just don't seem to care. It bears reminder that the result of a political elite unconcerned with re-election was the very thing that enabled the arrogance and ultimately the corruption of Chris Dodd.

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