Saturday, January 09, 2010

Should you be allowed to sell a kidney?

If you ask Alex Tabarrok, the answer's yes (WSJ). I watched Daybreakers (imdb) a few days ago - which incidentally, is a movie that could have been great but made somewhat churlish on the editing floor. I suggested to my hippie friend that if there had been a true market for blood, there wouldn't ever have been a shortage of humans. He was less than appreciative.

With the unending parade of ineptitude and corrupt bureau/politicians, it boggles the mind there are people who continue to say "xyz is so important, how can we possibly trust markets?" The real burden of proof should be "if xyz is so important, how can you trust the government to act in your best interest?"

Update: Also apropos to ensuring a violent vampire outbreak doesn't happen, this is what we need to do (PopularMechanics)

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