Sunday, January 10, 2010

PSA: The Problem with Fructose and Why a Calorie is not a Calorie

I'm pleased to say that while I've reached most of my rather superficial health goals, I do have a couple more pounds that I want to lose. If you've got 90 minutes, this video by a UCSF endocrinologist, Robert H. Lustig, is worth watching on why everything you thought you knew about nutrition and obesity is wrong:

The basic notes:
  • a calorie is not just a calorie: eating less and exercising more alone does not work; sugar/calories are processed by the body differently
  • a high sucrose/fructose diet IS a high fat diet and fructose/sucrose makes you feel hungrier; limit fructose, sucrose and alcohol consumption
  • fructose/sucrose gets processed by body like ethanol (alcohol) without the buzz - for this reason, chronic fructose consumption results in 8/12 chronic diseases associated with alcohol abuse - metabolic syndrome: insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes), high blood pressure, high LDL cholsterol
  • exercise is important as it speeds up the metabolism of calories and is the single thing that reduces stress and stress also causes obesity
  • fiber reduces carb absorption - eat carbs with fiber: fruit ok (includes the fiber); fruit juice is not
  • drink only milk and water, cut out everything else

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