Saturday, January 02, 2010

Productivity Notes

As I sit here procrastinating on a Saturday night at the beginning of a new year, I figure it'd be appropriate to dump the past links on productivity, psychology and inspiration I've read and found interesting in the last few months:

Most of us have a finite supply of willpower (
Lifehacker Readers' Favorite Pens (
Jonah Lehrer: What you do affects others in your social network (
Jonah Lehrer: How low blood suger affects decision making (
The relationship between wealth and fat: both cause and effect (
The Einstein Principle: Accomplish More By Doing Less (
Listening to Your Pulse (
Working After Retirement Boosts Health? (
The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity (
Learn any language in 3 months (
The Personality Paradox (
Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn't mean you're smart (
80 Min Exercise Per Week Prevents Visceral Weight Gain (
Does being sad, or complaining, make you smarter? (
Jonah Lehrer: Sleep (
Want to think logically? Trust your emotions (
Rejection massively reduces IQ (
How to Follow Through: The Emerging Science of Self-Control (
The Organization Myth (
Avoiding Confirmation Bias (
Depression as deadly as smoking, but anxiety may be good for you (
Fixed-Schedule Productivity: How I Accomplish a Large Amount of Work in a Small Number of Work Hours (
Spinning wheels and recovering from burnout (
Loneliness is transmittable, researchers say (
How to achieve greater productivity of teams (
Eight Tips to Know If You're Being Boring (
Dogs Better than Human Walking Companions (
Be Lucky - it's an easy skill to learn (
Willpower (
Sex and shopping - it's a guy thing (

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