Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Air Travel More Fun Than it Already Is

I am hoping that these measures are temporary: TSA Security Directive SD-1544–09-06 (BoardingArea). On the other hand, maybe this will mean even fewer travelers through the US and cheaper flights?

Update - Megan McArdle via Instapundit: "I don't know what annoys me more: Janet Napolitano saying "the system worked" when what she means is "the system failed, but smart passengers proved that the system is unnecessary", or the moronic new rules the TSA is apparently putting into place in order to "prevent" future such occurances. The TSA's obsession with fighting the last war is so strong that I expect any day to see them building wooden forts at our nation's airports in order to keep the redcoats at bay."

Update #2 - The TSA bans snowglobes: "FINALLY! The TSA Bans The Right Thing. We're saved. No terrorist is going to ever blow up a plane with a snow globe again" (Business Insider)

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