Saturday, November 28, 2009

Laugh of the Day

The 20 Unfortunate Lessons Girls Learn from Twilight via Instpundit:

From a male point of view, the only redeeming feature of the Twilight books and movies is the ammunition they provide against female claims of innate moral superiority over men.
I confess I've seen New Moon. I was fortunate enough not to see it in a packed room of screaming teenage girls, just three who were sitting behind us. The most hilarious part of the movie was when they all audibly gasped when Taylor Lautner took off his shirt in a ridiculous scene to dab a small bit of blood off Kristen Stewart.


Vonnie said...

You paid to see it??! And you say I can't claim innate moral superiority???

Rewatched Twilight the other night - had to do it at 1.5x... engagingly unbearable.

Clement Wan said...

I should have prefaced that I didn't pay to see it. I was more or less helping with QA at the theatre :)

The thing I liked most about Twilight was the Muse song while they played baseball - still have it on my MP3 player!