Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I've Been Reading

I think there have been a number of particularly great articles especially under what I've termed "Productivity, Psychology & Inspiration". Yeah, it seems like the interesting list keeps getting longer... though I suppose maybe this means I should post it more frequently.

Making fun of celebrity advocates (aid watch)

Profits at State Owned Enterprises down 20% (
Stricter rules require government officials to disclose assets (
China inflation could spark yuan appreciation in 2H09 (
Don't worry about inflation in China ... for now (
The dollar is dead - long live the renminbi (

Economics, Politics & Regulation
Outfoxing the chicken tax: People respond to (perverse) incentives (
Telegraph: The UN loves Barack Obama because he is weak (
[Proud to be Canadian:] Canada boycotts Iranian UN speech (
Family businesses prioritize survival over profitability? (
For those who want legislators to read every word of every bill (
How i became a Keynesian (
2010 State Business Tax Climate Index (
And don't let us catch you being neighborly again (

Technology & Trends
The NetFlix prize - another success for crowdsourcing (

Productivity, Psychology & Inspiration
Tightwads and big spenders are attracted to each other and then make unhappy marriages (
Why you should buy 5 year old car and sell it after 10 years. (PDF) (
Catch a liar by making him draw (
If you need to work better, maybe try working less (
We're more likely to behave ethically when we see rivals behaving badly (
Examine hand gestures and smiles to detect lying (
Susquehanna: an inspirational tale in the world of finance (
33 ways to get and keep yourself motivated (
Meet the man who sells $89 million of diapers each year online (

Strategy, Sales & Marketing
Business development: Forming partnerships, brand extensions (
Wronged customers respond better to apologies than cash (
Biggest sales management coaching blunders (

People Management
The kinds of employees you want to hire (

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