Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I've Been Reading

I'm still ploughing through my old links so here's the next batch of articles I found interesting:

The problem with non - as in "non-profit" (
The importance of microfinance and property rights go hand in hand (
Are the new global capitalists African? (
The history of "development": racist, imperialist and British? (aid watch)

China’s demographic roller coaster to peak by 2030 (
China's footprint in Africa: once upon a coup (
Warnings for executives and their laptops/phones travelling to China (

Economics, Politics & Regulation
Bottom or not, homebuilders are buying (
Revealed: the ghost fleet of the recession (
After the stimulus: the hangover (john stossel)
Oregon at risk of contracting California disease (
Reputations one year after the financial crisis (

Productivity, Psychology & Inspiration
Rebecca Saxe: How we read each other's minds (
Be a Monday person: Friday people are unhappier and angrier (
Boost your memory power with a 30-second eye exercise (

Sales & Marketing
Learn about clients from their table manners (
What alienates top performers (
How to stay relevant in sales (
Buy somebody lunch (
Cutting back on business travel could reduce profitability by 17% (
Activating your LinkedIn network (
When considering promotion, think emotion (

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