Monday, September 14, 2009

What I've Been Reading

Proposing a new and armed version of the Peace Corps (

Tariffs on tires have wider economic & political ramifications (
China investigates US 'dumping': chickens and autos (
"These protectionist measures…could ratchet up into a full-blown trade war" (

Economics, Politics & Regulation
Energy saving light bulbs offer dim future (
Comparing cleanliness after Obama inauguration and Tea Party protests (
Relying on the power of government to increase their wealth (
Who’s Killing the Electric Plane? (
To make a better world: Legalise drugs (

Technology & Trends
Fossils from animals and plants not necessary for fossil fuels (
Using nanotubes to break through solar cell efficiency barrier (
Prize awarded for lunar landing XPrize challenge (
Realtime GPS can save drivers 4 days/year, cut emissions 21% (
Nanoparticle gel heals injured brain and bone (

Productivity, Psychology & Inspiration
Is happiness contagious? (
Money buys happiness (if you use it to pay for experiences) (
7 ways I’ve almost killed FreshBooks (
Improve creativity: Imagine some else solving the problem (
The invisible grip: using a stare to get what you want (
The hierarchy of success (
Who wants to be a cognitive neuroscientist millionaire? (
Building and selling (
Classic examples of innovation, from the Inc. archives (

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