Friday, September 11, 2009

What I've Been Reading

I keep saving all these links that I keep intending to post about but never do. As a result, I have a few massive text files on my computer desktop that keep getting bigger. Instead of attempting to digest them for you, I figure I'll just link them with brief descriptions.

Africa desperately needs trade links - cause or effect? (aid watch)
The age of the celebrity tyrant (
Healing in a post-genocidal world: a survivor returns to Burundi (

Segmenting 22 groups among China's consumers (
China's growing shanzhai / open fabrication movement (
Lost opportunities: "Enterprises that should have disappeared, survive" (
China warms to new credo: business first (
The China consumption versus the rest of the world (

Economics & Politics

Having more money kills people says a new NBER paper. (
Ocean freight update: GRA increase of $400-500 (
Net insider selling: 'investors will get big shock this fall' (
The revolt of the masses: global non-confidence vote (
A tale of two $100,000 jobs; a tale of two Americas (
Americans rate government, self employment as top job choices (

Technology & Trends
The growing role of the private sector in space flight. (
The human brain is even more efficient than we thought. (
Thin film solar startup Nanosolar announces $4B in contracts (
Super-strong German steel velcro (

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