Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Former President Jimmy Carter, Censor

Perhaps to be expected coming from a man who has supported despots and dictators. Apparently it's no longer allowed to question President Obama (AP) - or call the President "a liar", because it's "racist".

It doesn't matter of course if a speech was littered with misrepresentations, or that calling the President "a liar" happened with frequency under the previous administration - yes, even on the Congressional House floor (GatewayPundit). Nevermind that the posters comparing Obama with Hitler were made by the supporters of those like Carter and Obama (College Politico), not to mention the violence that's being used to suppress dissent (Instapundit).

The facts are irrelevant and debate is entirely unnecessary - any policy disagreement is either grandstanding or obstructionist and of course, according to Jimmy Carter, it goes "deeper than that", it's 'obviously' inherently racist.

History is already quite unkind to the Carter Presidency. My guess is that it will be equally so to his legacy. OK, rant over.

Update: More from Instapundit

Update: Even more, and forcefuly so from Althouse - "Jimmy Carter's supremely sleazy accusation requires a solid, sound rebuke. It is an effort to place the President of the United States beyond criticism [...] And since demanding apologies is all the rage, let me say that I would like the wizened old husk of a former President to beg our forgiveness." Indeed.

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