Sunday, August 16, 2009

Canada's Third World Shame

The Globe and Mail highlighted/sensationalized the grinding poverty of Iqaluit for all the wrong reasons in their dead tree edition (curiously, the Globe seems to have buried it online).

I wonder if the journalists who wrote this piece have ever met a social program they didn't like and for that matter was 'adequately funded'. It's absolutely true that the poverty on these lands are shameful. But it's not for the lack of money or effort with decades of social engineering. Instead of building responsibility, encouraging good governance and developing property rights, these journalists would seemingly advocate the 'throw even more money at the problem even though those solutions didn't work before' approach. With the billions we've wasted so far on Indian Affairs, one begins to wonder how effective we are with the billions we've spent abroad (CIDA). Ok, I'm done ranting for the evening. Back to work :).

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