Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Productivity Tip: Be Brilliant - Daydream.

In the past I've wondered if we make more out of "Eureka" moments because we just notice them more as they appear out of the blue rather than when we seek them out. Apparently, however, brilliance can come with daydreaming - as a recent studies of volunteers given problems to solve showed (WSJ):

In those cases, the EEG recordings revealed a distinctive flash of gamma waves emanating from the brain's right hemisphere, which is involved in handling associations and assembling elements of a problem. The brain broadcast that signal one-third of a second before a volunteer experienced their conscious moment of insight -- an eternity at the speed of thought. [...]

By monitoring their brain waves, he saw a pattern of high frequency neural activity in the right frontal cortex that identified in advance who would solve a puzzle through insight and who would not. It appeared up to eight seconds before the answer to a problem dawned on the test subject, Dr. Bhattacharya reported in the current edition of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Though it's probably something that's best not to do while your client/boss/wife/gf is talking to you...

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